How Many Repairbots

does it take to fix a light bulb?

Fight crazed robots, dodge environmental hazards, repair light bulbs and save the world (dream big, little repairbot!).

A prototype cave-flyer made for LOWREZJAM 2019, inspired by Rocket Chase. Written in C using a custom engine. Sadly there was only time for one level in the Jam, and no audio because all my attempts at any sound were a complete disaster.


  • thrust - up (tap)
  • rotate - left / right
  • repair / shoot - z (hold)
  • eject drones - x (tap)


The gameplay is perhaps not the most intuitive as it stands, so an ad-hoc tutorial below:

Fly by tapping up (accelerates the repairbot in the direction it's facing), left and right change facing direction:

Repair a light by holding Z while in range. The cursor will select the light when you're in range, and will turn green when the light is repaired.

Repair a generator to turn on all connected lights:

Land in a drone bay to heal and to upgrade your repairbot by adding support drones (little orange flyers). With later upgrades the weapons on both repairbot and drones can be changed:

Eject support drones by tapping X (push them forward in your facing direction) to reach out of range targets (works for both repairing and attacking):


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Does it end after the first Boss?

When you die it says "Exception thrown, see JavaScript console".